TPMC Points

Game Summary
The Rules For TPMC Points are Somewhat lengthy to Explain, but the Idea is Simple - All Team Members Hole Scores Matter and
You Earn 'Points' for Your Team Based On Your Gross Score.

There are Several Variations for Playing a 'Points Game.'
The Difference Between the Variations (e.g, Stableford, Pro Stableford, etc) is the Simply the Number of Points You Earn Based on Your Hole
Gross Score. Point Values are Based on the 'Delta' Your Gross Score is From Par. TPMC Point Values are Shown in the Table Below
and the Method for Computing TPMC Points and Computing the 'Final Overall Team Score' are Explained in the Rules Below..

TPMC Points Game Point Values
Plus or Minus ParTPMC Point Value
>=3 (Blow Up)-1
2 (Double Bogie)0
1 (Bogie)1
0 (Par)2
-1 (Birdie)3
-2 (Eagle)4
-3 (Albatross)5

Rules For TPMC Points
1) Play all Holes out
2) The Team Hole Score Is the Sum of the Earned Point Values for Each Player on a Hole.
3) Each Players Earned Hole Points Value Is Determined By Looking Up His/Her ~Gross~ Score in the 'TPMC Points Value' Table Above.
4) To Compute the 'Final Overall Team Score', You Must First Subract Each Players Handicap from 36. Use of Course Handicaps at this
Juncture is How the Points Game Enables Players with Different Handicaps to Compete Against One Another.
5) The Computed Value Is Each Player's Points Target. It is the Number of Points Each Player Must Earn to 'Make His Points.'
Summing Together Each Team Member's Points Target Results in the ~Team's~ Target Points Value.
6) The 'Final Overall Team Score' Is the Team's Target Points Value Subtracted From the Sum of All Points Earned By All Team Members.

For Example: If Both Team Mates Successfully 'Make Their Points' their Team's 'Final Overall Team Score' is zero (the Sum of All Points
Earned Minus the Sum of All Points Targets). And that Is Good! But Winning Teams Typically Have a 'Final Overall Team Scores' That is
Few Points Greater Than 0 (zero).

7) The Team with the Greatest Final Overall Team Score Is the Winner.

Here is an examples of TPMC Points Computation for a Team of Two Players
NOTE: Points Values are Relative to Gross Score Delta's (the plus or minus from Par), So Actual Gross Scores Aren't Shown Just the Deltas.
NOTE: For This Example Assume Player #1 Has a Course Handicap of 0 (zero) and Player #2' CH is 18
So Player#1's Target Points is 36-0= 36 and Player#2's Target Points is 36-18=18. Therefore the Teams Target Points is 54
Looking at the Results, Player#1's Steady Play, Making a Par on Every Hole, Earned Him 2 Points On Each Hole Totaling 36 Points,
Exactly what His Target Was. Player#2's Erratic Front, But Steady Back also Allowed Him to Make His Target of 18 Points.
Thus Since Both Players Made their Points, their Total Team Point Value was Equal to their Team Target of 54 Points
(36 Points + 18 Points). So Their 'Final Overall Team Score was 0 (zero) because 54-54=0.
Hole NumberPlayer #1 Par Delta/Points EarnedPlayer #2 Par Delta/Points EarnedTeam Hole Points Value
10/2 (a Par)-2/4 (an Eagle)6
20/2-1/3(a Birdie)5
30/20/2 (a Par)4
40/21/1 (a Bogie)3
50/22/0 (a Double Bogie)2
60/23/-1 (a Blow Up)1
70/24/-1 (a Worse Blow Up)1
80/25/-1 (an Even Worse Blow Up)1
90/20/2 (a Par)4
100/21/1 (a Bogie)3
110/21/1 (a Bogie)3
120/21/1 (a Bogie)3
130/21/1 (a Bogie)3
140/21/1 (a Bogie)3
150/21/1 (a Bogie)3
160/21/1 (a Bogie)3
170/21/1 (a Bogie)3
180/21/1 (a Bogie)3
TotalsGross 72/36 Points EarnedGross 93/18 Points Earned54 Points Earned